Mountain Biking

Jump aboard and hold on tight ...

Enjoy life in the saddle ... with a few bumps on the way!

Directions Links below provide only approximate locations. For detailed directions (maps or text) to each venue please ask.
Clothing This activity takes place outdoors. Sturdy footwear is advised.
Alcohol Is not permitted before or during the event.
Duration Individual and small group sessions typically last 60 minutes, but we are usually happy to run over if you want a longer session.
Special Instructions Suitable for ages 12+
Refreshments Donít forget to order from our delicious picnic and lunch menus when making your booking. Just ask and we'll send a menu.
(4 or more people) £15.00 per person
(1 TO 1 session) £30
(1 instructor to 2 people) £40
(1 instructor to 3 people) £50
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