About greenleisure.co.uk

At greenleisure.co.uk we offer an extended range of countryside activities, set against the backdrop of some of the most spectacular countryside and coastline in the world. Stimulating and environmentally friendly, our unique portfolio of rural pursuits is designed to be enjoyed by virtually any age group and ability. Based in Cornwall, yet having a national profile, we are able to deliver our activities when you want, where you want, and at a price to suit most budgets.

Delivered by experts, these include timeless country pursuits such as archery, carriage driving, clay pigeon shooting, falconry and fishing. These traditional sporting activities have seen little change over generations, with skills and techniques often handed down through families with specialist knowledge in a particular field. We want you to share in enjoying these countryside activities, with the aim of preserving the skills and traditions for those of future generations as well as those of today.

Alongside these gentle country sports, we have over the years added a selection of more active (yet far from extreme) pursuits. These are aimed at helping you to access the heart of the countryside in a way that many people never experience. As with all our activities, experienced instructors will teach you how to canoe, climb, mountain bike, drive or hike into parts of the countryside others cannot reach. And whether you are interested in a taster session, a full day excursion or an overnight stay, we can guarantee you an experience to remember.

With one eye always on ensuring that we minimise our (and your) impact on the countryside we have developed, alongside our portfolio of activities, a choice of spectacular venues situated throughout Cornwall. Set within the heart of the countryside, yet within easy reach of the main centres of population, this means that you never have too far to travel to experience one or more of our activities. Whatever the season, they are available for your pleasure all year round and always delivered in a sustainable way to conserve both the landscape and your enjoyment of it.