Green & Local

Ever since the firm’s inception our ethos has centred on the provision of stimulating and environmentally friendly countryside pursuits. Our efforts have been recognised in a number of ways over the years, none more significant than the many thousands of satisfied customers many of whom we see again year after year.

In 2002 the firm was first selected as the Green Consumer Guide's exclusive supplier for environmentally friendly activity experience gifts, a recognition that is has repeated since. The following year we were a finalist in the Cornwall Tourism Awards and in 2004 was an award winner in the Cornwall Farm Diversification Awards organised by Rural Progress. An essential component in all of these was the need to demonstrate how we incorporate local themes, local supplies and care for the environment into our operations.

As a business, we recognise that the nature of what we do impacts on the environment every single day, the development of our activities and operating venues and the extension of our influence into the wider community. We acknowledge our responsibility to maintain legal compliance as a minimum standard and to protect the environment in every area of our work.

We have taken a determined approach to continually improving our performance by:-

In and around the office

  • Switching our energy supplier to a 100% renewable energy tariff to guarantee zero CO2 emissions.

  • Separating and re-cycling paper, cardboard and plastic packaging.

  • Using rechargeable batteries in all suitable office equipment.

  • Investing in proven energy saving technology such as long-life low energy light bulbs.

  • Making the most of modern technology such as the internet to streamline business transactions and communication.

  • At our spectacular locations

  • Undertaking timely litter removal that ensures any new visitors find it the way we found it – clean, tidy and as nature intended.

  • Encouraging a responsible approach to land management, preserving the value of our precious landscape in balance with the need to generate the income to maintain it.

  • Taking every opportunity to minimise the environmental impact of our business activities … such as using bio-diesel for our off-road 4 x 4 vehicles (and encouraging others to do the same). click here to jump down for further information about Bio-diesel.

  • Buying locally grown produce to encourage the reduction in the use of harmful intensive farming techniques. See Buy Local below for further information.
  • Embracing the use of new technologies … for example with our laser clay and laser combat shooting sports … that offer an alternative to more traditional activities.

  • Promoting innovative and enjoyable ways of transporting people into and around the countryside which don’t rely on cars. Our canoe expeditions, horse drawn carriage driving, mountain biking and orienteering activities are all examples of such innovations, improving access to the countryside whilst at the same time reducing the impact on the environment.

  • And on a wider front

  • Supporting the ‘futurefootprints’ campaign to promote the benefits of sustainable tourism in the South West. See Future Footprints below for further information.

  • Helping to raise awareness of the breadth and quality of other businesses in the region that are working hard to ensure the South West remains the ‘green’ capital of the UK

  • Continuing to extend our range of local sites and facilities, thereby improving access and reducing the need to travel which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. Why have 10 vehicles drive to us, when 1 can come to you? It might add a bit to our own costs, but it certainly helps the planet.

  • Learning from other businesses and organisations that lead the way in taking a forward-thinking approach to business development. See Green Tourism Business Scheme below for further information.

  • Improving health by promoting outdoor activities that are fun, safe and stimulating for virtually all ages and abilities.

  • Expanding the tourism season by promoting short stays and special interest breaks, working in collaboration with other like-minded local partners where feasible.

  • Supporting responsible enjoyment of the natural environment through membership of pioneering organisations such as COAST.

  • Providing information on public transport. See Cornish Key below for further information.

  • Sharing knowledge and making available information about wildlife, environmental issues, and 'no trace' use of the countryside. See Cornwall Wildlife Trust below for further information.

  • Bio-dieseltag#Bio-diesel#tag

    Biodiesel is better for the environment than most fuels as it has a complete environmental lifecycle. The fuel is made from used and recovered vegetable oils and thus the lifecycle begins when the vegetable oil crops absorb CO2 during growth. Once the crop is harvested, the oil is first used for food manufacturing processes, then the used vegetable oil is processed to become Biodiesel and used in road vehicles that emit CO2 – therefore completing the cycle.

    With roughly half the carbon emissions’ being produced by businesses, it is essential that every company take a look at how ‘green’ they are and takes steps to improve how environmentally friendly they are. Many businesses already take simple measures such as saving energy by switching off computer monitors but it is also reassuring to see that many businesses and local authorities are also looking at the issues surrounding the fuels they use to power their vehicles, with many already choosing to use Biodiesel.

    Buy Local

    Choose local food and drink and gifts made in the region. The South West is renowned for its excellent local produce and quality products. Buying local produce gives a true taste of the South West, supports the local economy and reduces the distance food and goods are transported. The landscape and environment that draws visitors to our region is directly linked to how the land is used. Where and what you choose to buy during your trip really counts.

    Future Footprints

    Future Footprints is a partnership initiative that aims to reach the region’s visitors and encourage them to take simple steps to make their trip to the South West more sustainable.

    Green Tourism Business Scheme

    This organisation provides advice and accreditation for businesses that demonstrably reduce their environmental impact, improve the management of any resources that they use, and support the local economy.

    Cornish Key

    This partnership site signposts you to public transport information across Cornwall.

    Cornwall Wildlife Trust

    Cornwall Wildlife Trust is a registered charity with nature reserves throughout the whole of the county. They organise a wide range of wildlife-related events and activities, and support many wildlife and conservation specialist groups. Whether you are on holiday in Cornwall or are lucky enough to live here, you can explore the natural beauty of Cornwall through this website which is packed full of information covering every aspect of Cornwall's wildlife and environment.